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15 December 2007

The Wood

It was one of those really hot and sticky summer days. The
type you only get in England, which brings humidity, a desire
not to be at work but down the pub in good company and with
a nice cold drink. Maybe a bit of warm rain soaking through
ones clothes then back home for some hot, steamy, sticky
sweaty sex with a gorgeous smelling bloke. Instead I was
stuck at work near the end of a big IT project wasting time
with the engineers. One in particular had caught my eye,
I couldn’t help flirting with him, he was gorgeous. I looked
forward to the days at work when he answered the phone to
me, or when I had lunch with the engineers in case he was in
the build room. Our friendship had developed quite a bit
since going for a few after work drinks. I was amazed at how
well we got on and had in common – we just clicked.

On this particular day he asked me to lunch, I suggested
I make him lunch back at mine as I didn’t live too far away.
We left the building strolling to the car already flirting
quite heavily. I could feel the sexual tension – within
me anyway. I was becoming excited and damp between my legs,
wearing no underwear didn’t help. In the car the flirting
became very intense and when I realized in my rush to leave
work I’d forgotten my keys we decided to go for a drive. I
think it was me that suggested a walk in the woods. We eventually
came across a secluded spot where others had obviously
been before.

Before we knew it we were locked in a passionate embrace,
his lips felt so good and it felt so very right. I loved the
way he smelt and probed my mouthy with his tongue. By now
there was no going back; I knew what was going to happen.
Between my excitement and the heat, I was very wet and desperate
for his hard cock to enter my pussy. He undid my trousers
and slid his hand between my legs. I felt his cock get harder
when he realized I wasn’t wearing any underwear. I felt
his finger slip into my wet hole, pushing it deeper and deeper
and then inserting two. My god it felt good, I could have
pushed his head down there if we had enough time. I wanted
to taste him. I undid his zip to free his manhood only to find
he to was wearing no underwear – what a thrill.

I started to stroke his very erect cock desperate to run
my tongue around it and feel how he tasted. He removed his
fingers sensing what I wanted, I licked them clean before
crouching amongst the under growth hidden by the trees,
but knowing someone could be watching and took him slowly
in my mouth, to make sure it was wet. I started slowly using
my hand in time with my mouth, then started to get faster
and using my tongue to run round his shaft at the same time.
This man was worth learning deep throat for. I meant a mental
note to learn how – clearly I still had a few things to learn
and it would be fun practicing. I felt him release some pre
cum into my mouth – it tasted really good – I could do this
more often. I don’t know if it was the excitement, heat or
my rhythmic strokes but he started to throb. I didn’t want
him to cum, clearly he didn’t want to yet as he reached down
and pulled me upright, kissed me passionately whilst releasing
my breast and taking them in his mouth – he sucked them so
well. He then took control and I was happy to let him. It made
a change for someone else to be in control of me. He turned
me round, bent me forward so I was leaning against a tree,
pulled my trousers down revealing my arse and a glimpse
of my wet pussy, slid his fingers in until I was dripping,
then slid his manhood slowly into my warm cunt, fucking
me slowly until he was fully in me. We then fucked hard and
fast until his cum shot into me. I could feel every last drop
being catapulted out and felt him sigh with pleasure.

We quickly dressed and headed back to work with big smiles
knowing this would be a repeat experience and knowing nobody
would know what we had for lunch. I’d be reminded all afternoon
as the cum was released down my leg as we walked back into
the building. The best lunch break I have ever had.
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